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Healing Buddha / Medicine Buddha : Healing Energies and Health Luck

August 5th, 2008 ·

Energised and Programmed Healing Buddha / Medicine Buddha is for Healing Energies and Health Luck :

Bhaishajyaguru, the Medicine Buddha (Healing Buddha), is one of the Cosmic Buddhas. A Buddha is one who has “gone beyond” and become transcendent to any world of appearance, and has also transcended any world of nothingness. The Medicine Buddha is a form that any Buddha can manifest by identifying with him in his Pure Land. He represents a Transcendent Buddha’s ability to be healing medicine for the benefit of all beings. He is also called the Healing Buddha. Medicine Buddha is very powerful, not only for healing diseases, but for purifying the negative karma of those who recover from illness and those who succumb to it.

According to legend, Buddha Shakyamuni transformed himself into a deep blue Buddha who radiated healing rays of light and taught a vast gathering of people and gods, the science of medicine. The Medicine Buddha has long been revered as the Patron of Medicine and Healing and as the Archetype Deity of all Physicians and Healers.

Medicine Buddha is considered to dispense spiritual medicine when properly ‘connected to’ through worship and meditation. Normally he is seated with legs crossed, wearing monastic robes. His left hand is lying in his lap in the meditation mudra, and he holds a medicine bowl filled with healing nectar and fruit. The right hand is in the charity mudra, and holds a branch with the fruit of the Myrobalan, a special medicine plant. Place him in your personal Tian Yi direction.

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