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Feng Shui Carp Career and Wealth Coins

February 8th, 2015 ·

Feng Shui Carp Career and Wealth Coins - Front Side

Feng Shui Carp Career and Wealth Coins – Front Side

The Feng Shui Coin (3.5″ dia) here depicts the powerful imagery of a Batlock (Five Interlocked Bats), a giant Carp being embraced and caressed by a chubby Child along with a Lotus Leaf and Lotus Flower on the one side and the fortune fruits of Peach and Pomegranate on a platter on the other side is an excellent growth magnet. A set of three of these coins upon systematic activation through professional Cleansing, Energizing and Programming to User Name is believed to help one attain greater heights in material success and power in career, business and profession. Like most other feng shui coins, these coins too should be used as a set of three coins tied together with a red, blue or gold coloured ribbon.

For employees at work, it will create the difference between you and your peers to enable yourself to stay more competitive in your office, bringing more money opportunities and personal growth. For the business person, it breeds determination and perseverance to achieve professional success, helps overtake business competition, attain accomplishment leading to the manifestation of greater profits and good fortune. For housewives and home makers, these are considered as a powerful symbol of harmony and joy which bring peace and happy occasions to their household.

Concept : Child with Feng Shui Carp

Feng Shui Carp Career and Wealth Coins - Back Side

Feng Shui Carp Career and Wealth Coins – Back Side

The energy of images of children have always held strong appeal amongst all the people of the world. Images of chubby infants, especially those holding lucky Feng Shui positive symbols have always been used to adorn homes and shops to emanate positive and happy energies. Those shown holding carps are generally highly regarded, as carps signify abundance and knowledge and is said to produce endless source of money. The joyous combination of a baby boy and a big, fat fish as depicted in this Feng Shui Coin, therefore means the growth of wealth from year to year as well as knowledge (and descendant luck, in certain situations).

Fish can increase the momentum of wealth generation and gather accumulation of wealth. Fengshui always associates the fish with abundance and prosperity with the saying “nien nien yew yu” which means “seeing abundance and harvest every year”.  It is believed that this will make the family income “float”. The carp is very closely associated to the dragon. The old tale of the carp jumping and crossing over “Dragon Gate” to transform into a Dragon is a very popular concept in Feng Shui. The carp is a tough fish that could resist big currents in and this portrays perseverance and determination. It is able to persistently resist hardship, swim upstream and rapidly jumping above the water to reach heaven to symbolize great achievements in one’s pursuit or high ambitions of a lifetime. The carp is not only being associated to scholastic success and literary luck, but it is also a potent emblem of happy outcome, joyful marriage, sufficient fortune and prosperity.

Concept : Cluster of 5 Fortune Bats

In Feng Shui, five bats grouped together with coin create extremely auspicious energy and it represents “happiness is before your eyes”. Five bats is the representation of “Five Blessings” (Five Happinesses” or “Five Good Fortunes) from heaven: longevity, wealth, health, love and a natural death without suffering, at a ripe age. Five bats represent the yang symbol of prosperity. It brings extreme happiness and a peaceful life with few problems. Together in the Coin symbol, it is an auspicious emblem of prosperity and abundance. The presence of this symbol is a powerful enhancer for those who are seriously looking for long lasting good fortune, wealth and dynastic prospect.

Concept : Fengshui Fortune Fruits

Peaches are known as the fruit of heaven because of it’s properties of immortality. This peach fruit here promises wealth, abundance and longevity. It symbolizes a long healthy life with great fortune for many generations.

Pomegranate is regarded as the auspicious fruit in Feng Shui. Because of it’s bright red color and numerous plump seeds, it is an emblem of posterity, prosperity, solidarity, and luck. In practice, during marriage, people often place a pomegranate with branches and leaves, which burst open, revealing the numerous seeds on the desk or other place in bridal chamber, symbolizing the hope of the family for numerous offspring behaving in a virtuous and filial manner and rising to fame and glory. The contextual meaning of it here in this coin is fertile abundance of money.

Placement : Carry the Set of 3 Coins always with you in your handbag or briefcase – can also be kept in your official drawer along with career documents. Alternatively keep them in the North of your office cabin or home.

Important : Like all Energy Tools, it is mandatory that this Feng Shui Enhancer and Fengshui Cure too has to be systematically processed and activated (Cleansed, Energized & Programmed) to User Name. Using such powerful Energy Tools with out the correct activation can cause harm. We Cleanse (Suddhi Karana), Energize (Prana Prathishta, Empowered, Energised, Energized, Energy Imbibed, Energy Infused, Energy Instilled) & Program (Samuka Karna) the Remedy (to the User Name & his/her family) so that the auspicious and positive energies are directly received. No negative side effects possible because of the custom-programming.

For Authentic, Cleansed, Energized & Programmed (to User’s Name or Company’s Name) Crystal Energy Fields, call 098422-40274 or mail to crystalvaastu@yahoo.com or crystalyantra@gmail.com.

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