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Kuan Kung : Mentor Luck, Guidance, Protection

August 5th, 2008 ·

Kuan KungEnergised and Programmed Kuan Kung is for Mentor Luck, Protection, Guidance :

The majestic Kuan Kung is known as the God of War. His very stance denotes power, honour and incredible inner strength! His presence brings about status, honor, integrity and a strong instilled sense of self-belief. Kuan Kung has very many roles to play and is a most useful personage to have in the house or work place. Kuan Kung has, among his many other titles, Protector of the oppressed, Patron Saint of the police, Guardian of politicians and business leaders alike.

The image of Kuan Kung is most powerful and ensures peace and harmony for all residents, protection for the patriarch and prosperity luck for all. He strengthens the energy and authority of the men in the house, assisting them in gaining promotions and material wealth. He is able to collect all the evil energy that approach and distil them into goodness. The majestic General with Kuan Kung Newhis Dragon Sword not only bestows a strong force of protection, his presence brings about status, honor and integrity. For people in critical situation, a Kuan Kung image with his dragon sword drawn, is recommended. Kuan Kung is a great Feng Shui Cure if you especially need helpful people. Kuan Kung is also the patron of Literature, and is invoked to bring luck and success to students and officials, especially those facing exams or seeking promotion.

Ensure that he always faces your main entrance, so that he can protect your family from all bad influences. At work, place the image behind where you sit at work so that you will never lack powerful support from important people. To control production and employees, place his Icon with drawn sword in your Nien Yin or Sheng Qi direction or North West. At the time of crisis, you can trust him to bring before you the right person (to help you) at the right time. In business, Kuan Kung protects the establishment from fraud and embezzlement, promotes loyalty and ensures smooth sailing. At home, keep him in North West.

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