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Orthoceras Stone for Business Success

February 8th, 2015 ·

Orthoceras Stone for Business Success

Orthoceras Stone for Business Success

Orthoceras are the fossilized remains of an extinct marine animal of Cephalopod family. They are ancestors to the modern day squid and octopus and are dated to the Devonian Period about 500 million years ago. They range in length from a few inches to over six feet. They could swim as well as crawl on the ocean floor. By filling the chambers of their shells with air they could float through the seas propelling themselves by squirting jets of water. They had tentacles and ink sacs much like the squid of today. After they died, their shells accumulated on the sea floor where they were buried by sediments, and over the ages turned to stone. These Orthoceras fossils have been dug out of the Atlas Mountains in southern Morocco, at the northern fringe of the Sahara Desert, which were once under the sea.

Orthoceras were among the most advanced of the invertebrates, no backbone, having a sophisticated nervous system, eyes and jaws. The word Orthoceras means “straight horn” and refers to its shape. They are slender, elongate shells with the middle of the body chamber transversely constricted. All Orthoceras had chambers separated by walls called Septa. They also had a tube that runs down the center of the shell called a siphuncle. It is believed that this tube was used to carry gas into the chambers to control buoyancy of the shell.

Orthoceras fossils are most often found on a black background with white and silver flecks. The surface is ornamented by a network of fine lirae. When polished they can look quite striking. The lines and colors are natural, they have been cleaned and highly polished.

Orthoceras are effectively used by the Business persons to both heighten and supplement one’s accomplishments in business and to instill quality and excellence within one’s environment. The many other uses are explained below.

Metaphysical Properties

Orthoceras or Orthoceros is a lovely Energy Tool and is extensively used by Reiki Healers and Pranic Healers as it relates to the Mooladhara Chakra (Basic Chakra or Root Chakra) and Earth Element. It is said to enhance telepathy. It is used to treat age related issues, such as pain in the spine; to release fear related to getting old and can be utilized in the workplace to assist others to be more accepting of those who may be older than them. It is also used to access past life information; aids in overcoming fears generated in the past or during childhood; helps people who have been depressed to lift themselves out.

Some of the Metaphysical Healing Properties of Orthoceras Stone Crystal are : openness, innovation, knowledge, grounding, increased confidence; simulates thymus; activates mind; reduces anxiety and stress; balances emotions; decreases toxins; increases life span; empowers accomplishments; promotes pride and success in business; induces recognition of accomplishments: said to treat atrophy, skeletal system disorders especially hands and feet and back; fatigue; digestive disorders; rheumatism.

Just as a fossil is an animal that died and sunk deep into the earth into the dark, it reminds people that in the darkness changes can occur so they can be reborn when they chose to change and come back to the light of day.

After the mandatory process of Cleansing, Energizing and Programming (based on the User’s Name, Date and Time of Birth), the Orthoceras can be carried in pocket, purse, handbag or suitcase. Alternatively they can be worn around the neck.

Important : Like all Energy Tools, it is mandatory that this too has to be systematically processed and activated (Cleansed, Energized & Programmed) to User Name. Using such powerful Energy Tools with out the correct activation can cause harm. We Cleanse (Suddhi Karana), Energize (Prana Prathishta, Empowered, Energised, Energized, Energy Imbibed, Energy Infused, Energy Instilled) & Program (Samuka Karna) the Remedy (to the User Name & his/her family) so that the auspicious and positive energies are directly received. No negative side effects possible because of the custom-programming.

For Authentic, Cleansed, Energized & Programmed (to User’s Name or Company’s Name) Crystal Energy Fields, call 098422-40274 or mail to crystalvaastu@yahoo.com or crystalyantra@gmail.com.

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