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Eight Immortals : Health, Wealth, Harmony, Peace & Happiness for the Family

August 4th, 2008 ·

Eight ImmortalsEnergised and Programmed Eight Immortals bring in Health, Wealth, Harmony, Peace & Happiness for the Family :

The Eight Immortals (Hseen) are Supreme Higher Beings from the core Taoist Legends. Each represent a different condition in life and with their magical symbols occupy one of the eight sub-directions in the PaKua or BaGua and have their own magical animals to ride. Each Immortal possesses a tool of power that can perform supernatural magic. They periodically reappear on Earth to help bless families with positive energy, bring Health, Wealth, Harmony and Happiness. The 8 Immortals become even more important in Fengshui Time Period 8 (04.02.2004 to 04.02.2024) as the symbol of good fortune and prosperity.

It is said that they were sent down from the Heaven to assist mankind in their time of need and achieve their ambitions and aspirations to gain everything that is good. Their presence will ensure smooth sailing in all your endeavours, pursuits and 8 life aspirations. They will bless you with a happy family, trouble-free career and safety of everyone in the household. Invite them into your home or office and reap the benefits. You can now get to know your 8 Immortals :

Chung-Li Ch’uan (Zhong-Li Quan or Han Zhong Li) is the Chief of the 8 Immortals. He is said to have discovered the Elixir of Life. The Magical Feather Fan (Yu-Mao Shan) he carries has curative powers and it can revive sick people and is even said to reicarnate the soul of the recently dead. He also carries the Peach which symbolizes longevity. He rides on a Chi-Lin whenever he needs to visit Earth. He is the Ruler of the East and his Element is Wood. He signifies Health and Longevity. He can also bring Honourable Sons into the family. His presence also appeases the Great Tai Sui or The Grand Duke Jupiter of the Flying Stars Fengshui.

Chang Kuo-Lao (Zhuang Guo-Lao) carries a Bamboo Tube Drum (Yu-Ku) containing the Feathers of Phoenix Bird. He uses it to divine and forecast fortunes. He has the power to make himself invisible. He is a Mystic of the Wise Ages and can bestow Wisdom. He can also bless Couples to have matrimonial happiness and good offspring. He rides a White Mule, sometimes facing its head, sometimes its tail. He is believed to have assisted those who have passed away to reincarnate into good realms. He is the Lord of the North and Water is his Element.

Lee Dong-Bin (Lu Tung-Pin) is the Patron Saint of Scholars and Warriors alike. He always carries his Magical Excalibur called Chan-Yao Kuai, meaning “Devil-slaying Sword”, with which he slays demons and evil spirits. In one hand he holds a fly-whisk, Yün-chou, or ‘Cloud-Sweeper,’ a symbol common in Taoism of being able to fly at will through the air and to walk on the clouds of Heaven. He also uses it to cure sick people. Sometimes he is shown bearing in his arms a male child – indicating a promise of numerous progeny. He is also popularly known as Ancestor Lee and his 3 part beard symbolises the three channels in the body that is used to attain the highest meditative levels. His Direction is the West; Metal is his Element and he rides a majestic Tiger. This Third Immortal symbolizes Scholastic Luck and Protection from negative chi of all kinds.

Ts’ao Kuo-Chiu (Chao Guao-Jiu) is the Patron Saint of the Theater. He is the finest dressed of all the 8 immortals. He’s generally shown with castanets or a jade tablet of admission to court, and sometimes a feather fan. His symbol are the castanets, which he plays in a soothing & relaxing rhythm to facilitate meditation & to help his journey through the Universe. When the castanets produce the heavenly sound, everything else is silent. He rides a Horse, his direction is North East & his Element the Earth. He bestows Knowledge, Power, Recognition and Fame.

Li T’ieh-Guai (Li Tieh-Kuai) is a Magical Sage & the Patron of the Sick and Needy. He attained so much proficiency in magic during his life on earth that he was frequently visiting  Heaven, on his own. He is mostly seen with an iron crutch &  Sacred Gourd Wou-Lou, which contains medicinal potion. He normally rides a Dragon-Lion called Chimera but is sometimes also seen standing on a Crab or beside a Deer. He lords over  South & his Element is Fire. He has a reputation for benevolence & is known to help those in need or recovering from illness.

The Happy Immortal Han Hsiang-Tzu (Han Xiang-Zi), is the Patron Saint of Music. He carries a beautiful Flute which symbolises Harmony and produces 6 types of Healing Energies. He has the power to make flowers grow and blossom immediately. He is also depicted with a flower pot of marvellous flowering plants, on the leaves of which were golden magical verses or with a basket of peaches of immortality. He rides a huge Ox. His direction is the South East and his Element is the Wood. He is the Grand Master who has mastered the Theories of Yin Yang and the Five Elements or the Pancha Pranas.

The Seventh Immortal is the Lan Ts’ai-Ho (Lan Chai-He) and is the Patron Saint of Florists and Protector of Horticulture. She usually carries a basket of flowers, or carries a flute. Flute is an emblem of Harmony. She is mounted on an Elephant. Her direction is North West and her Element is Metal. She brings in Health & Relationship Luck into the household, especially to the young women, as she epitomizes the spirit of femininity itself.

The Immortal Maiden, Ho Hsien-Ku (He Xian-Gu) is the second Female Sage and the Patroness of Housewives. She carries with her a Magical Lotus Blossom, the flower of open-heartedness and divine brilliantness. Her direction is South West and Earth is her Element. Pure and powerful, she sits on a Deer. She bestows Marriage Luck, Family Harmony and Health. She helps those whose situations are desperate and in need of divine intervention. She also blesses housewives with excellent House Management capabilities.

Placement : Display the statues of all the 8 Immortals in the East or South East of your Living Room or Dining Hall. Alternatively, place each of the Immortals in their respective directions in your Living Room for protection from all the 8 directions. Or all of them simply in your personal Sheng Chi direction. Never place them in the bedroom. If you are the lucky possessor of the Coins of the 8 Immortals, keep them alongwith your main cash.

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