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Eight Sacred Objects (Ashtamangala) : Auspicious Energy

August 4th, 2008 ·

Energised and Programmed Eight Sacred Objects (Ashtamangala) are for ushering in Auspicious Energy : 

The 8 Auspicious Objects or the Ashtamangala have their origin in India and reached China and the rest of the world, through Tibet. They are believed to represent the gifts given by Celestial Beings to Sakyamuni Buddha on his attainment of Enlightenment. It has assumed tremendous significance in the current Fengshui Land Luck Period 8 (2004 – 2024).

The Parasol or Canopy or Flag or Umbrella or Banner is a powerful Symbol of Protection. It protects one from evil entities and evil desires. The Double Fish represents Abundant Good Fortune and symbolize being rescued from the ocean of misery of earthly existence. The Lotus symbolizes Purity of Thought and Intention and promotes Happiness. The White Conch Shell symbolizes the blessedness of turning to the right and proclaims the glory of the saints by its humming sound. It signifies Travel Luck and Communications Luck. The Mystic Knot or Eternal Knot is said to swallow it’s own tail, as found in Lord Maha Vishnu’s breast. It symbolizes the endless cycle of rebirth or Samsara.  It also signifies Endless Prosperity. The Vase is the treasury of spiritual and earthly wealth, denoting the accumulation of Family Wealth. The eight-spoked Wheel indicates Knowledge & Wisdom.

The 8 Auspicious Objects, apart from bringing in divine energy, is an important antidote for killing energy, especially for cases where doors are all aligned in one straight line, main door opens to a garage, the staircase is facing or too close to the maindoor, the entrance & exit doors are facing each other & bad external forces pointing to a specific area of the house. The 8 Auspicious Objects come in many forms : Bracelets, Chains and Pendants. If in statue or scroll or photo format (not xerox), display it in the North or in your Sheng Qi direction.

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