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Dragon & Phoenix : Ultimate Business Luck & Marital Bliss

August 3rd, 2008 ·

Energised and Programmed Dragon and Phoenix are for Ultimate Business Luck and Marital Bliss and Harmony :

In Feng Shui, the Dragon is the symbol of power and nobility and the beautiful Phoenix is the symbol of glory and kindness. The combination of Dragon-Phoenix, with them embracing harmoniously amongst the clouds, indicates the arrival of the piping times of peace and prosperity. The Dragon & the Phoenix are frequently refered in classical art and literature as metaphors for people of high virtue and rare talent and in certain combinations, for matrimonial harmony or happy marriage with the couple getting along forever. The Dragon and the Phoenix are the ultimate Yang and Yin symbol of Chinese Cosmology and Mythology. The Dragon is the symbol of male vitality and fertility, while the Phoenix is Yin splendour and female beauty, when placed next to the Dragon. Together, the concept symbolizes a fruitful marriage blessed with good luck, success, prosperity and male offsprings, as desired. The very gift for Marriage and Wedding Anniversary.

In Business and Practice, they bring more new clients, protect existing clients from leaving you, motivate you, bring about growth and expansions, usher in new opportunities, guide you to right decisions, protect you and your business interests and help you get sustained success in all your ventures.

Place it in North West to favour patriarch’s luck or in South West corner to favour matriarch’s luck. In the East, it benefits the health of the family while in the South, it brings opportunities and recognition for the family. They can be placed behind you when at work, to give you the supporting strength. If you are looking for Marital Bliss, place it in your Nien Yin Direction or East, inside the Bedroom. If you are seeking success in business, then place them ideally in your North or Sheng Chi direction of your office.

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