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Chai Shen Poh : Gambling Luck and Share Market Luck

August 3rd, 2008 ·

Chai Shen PohEnergised and Programmed Chai Shen Poh is for Share Market Success and Gambling Luck :

Chai Shen Poh is the female version of the Wealth Supremo. She is also known as the Queen of Gamblers, as the money luck that she brings is of the speculative sort. Hence, having her image in your home will bring you excellent windfall and gambling luck. Display this Wealth Supremo prominently in the South East sector of your living room to bring you lots of side income. Ideal for increasing commission based income, stock market success & gambling luck for lottery, horse racing, betting, 4-digits scratching, contests, etc. Note : Fengshui never encourages large or blind gamblings that lead to family disharmony. Direction : South East or your Sheng Chi.

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IMPORTANT NOTE : All the Remedies channeled by us are not only ENERGISED, but also PROGRAMMED to the specific purpose & the specific user to derive the maximum possible positive results. Remedies only Energised will have a very short life & very little results. Remedies not even Energised will turn negative quickly and could even damage the user.

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