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August 13th, 2012 ·

Nine Mirror Emperor BaGua for destroying Negative EnergyThe BaGua Mirror is the most well-known and commonly used of all the Fengshui Cures for protection against visible and invisible energy threats. It is also used extensively for correcting improper placements of houses – placements that may attract bad luck or lead to sorrow or illness in the dwelling.

The BaGua (or PaKua) Mirror is a round mirror surrounded by an octagonal wooden frame with the feng shui bagua design. The bagua design is an ancient arrangement of eight interrelated sacred emblems comprising of three straight unbroken (yang) lines and broken (yin) lines (due to their tripartite structure, they are often referred to as “trigrams”) that represents the unity of Heaven and Earth and the blessings that accrue from alignment with the cosmic energy. It is used to encourage the flow of energy life force which is regarded as the primary building brick of the Universe. The bagua not only expands energy, but also strengthens and draws in auspicious energy.

The Nine PaKua (or 9 BaGua Emperor Mirror) Emperor Mirror is very special and more superior than any other BaGua Mirror and is considered to be the “Emperor of all BaGuas”. This powerful multi mirrored solution is used to remedy many types of detrimental poison arrows (shar chi) that are unsolvable by other BaGuas or other means and the strongest protection cure to ward off killing qi. It can be used by homes, offices, shops, bungalows, factories, hospitals, schools, commercial buildings, to deflect many types of negativities. It also acts as an “energy purifier” to ensure any fengshui/vaastu shortcomings in the surroundings and energy pollution from quarrelsome neighbours and any other unknown negative energies are being filtered without affecting you.

The 9 Mirror Emperor BaGua has a total of nine sets of Trigrams which belong to the “early heaven arrangement”, 9 mirrors arranged in a certain manner so as to harness powerful repelling energy. It neutralizes many forms of negative energy and balances the energy flow, so that your incoming opportunities are not blocked. The Nine PaKua Emperor Mirror is activated through a high powered Energizing Process and dedicated to the Buyer/User through specialized Programming Technique, to reap the maximum possible benefit. The five elemental colours are brought into play, to nourish the directional elements that are lacking or overflowing so that the Five Elements can reach a state of equilibrium.

Placement & Significances : Like any other PaKua Mirror, this too must not be used indoor at all – should be placed at the “points of entry of bad chi” into homes such as above the main doors (front door, back door) and/or windows : (1) to prevent bad luck from killing chi if main doors or windows are facing evil chi from cemeteries/funeral homes/burial grounds/grave yards, corpse chi from mortuary, dead chi from hospitals/convalescent centers; negative energy from police/firestations, schools/colleges/universities and houses of worship such as churches/mosques/temples (2) to repel evil spirits, bad luck, drishti, evil eye, buri nazar, troublesome neighbours and harmful people when placed on top of main doors (3) to diffuse killing chi (poison arrows) from lamp post, electrical transformer, dish antenna, big tree, train track, flyover and oppressive large building too close for comfort or directly in front (4) to remedy shar chi (poison arrows) coming from sharp angles, corners of buildings, roof ridges of neighbours (5) to cure continuous rushing chi on a T-intersection, a street that ends at your front yard (dead end) with on coming traffic heading straight towards your house, etc. (6) to protect the dwellers from being harmed by what is termed ‘dirty energy’ left over in the land/building from it’s previous inhabitants and from places that have had a history of afflicted or bad Vaastu/Fengshui.

Sizes & Specialities : The Multi Mirror (Nine Mirrors) Emperor PaKua comes in three sizes – the regular 9″ & 12″ as well as in Jumbo 16″ size. The various significances of the regular 9″ & 12″ ones have already been discussed above. Additionally, the special Jumbo size is an ideal remedy for : (1) a place like a Large House, Bungalow, Villa to keep on repelling the negative energy which tends to accumulate and breed (2) a place like an Apartment Building, Shopping Complex, Departmental Store, Shopping Mall, Cinema Theatre, Multiplex, Marriage Hall, Restaurant, Hotel, Educational Institution, Hostel, Industrial Estate, etc. to continuously cleanse the “dirty energy” left behind by staying or moving crowds (3) a place like a Clinic, Nursing Home, Hospital, etc. to continuously pump out the “sick energy” naturally generated there (4) a place like a Work Shop, Shop Floor, Manufacturing Factory, Godown, Construction Site, etc. to continuously dissipate the “polluting energy” emanating from there (5) a building or a house with main door facing South & South West, for continuously draining out the extra heavy inflow of negativity (6) a building which is either unoccupied or sparingly used (like a Farm House, Time Sharing Residence, Seasonal Stay, Warehouse, etc.) or unproportionally populated (like a Dormitory, Hostel, Hotel, Gated Community, etc.) to prevent “stagnant energy” from multiplying further.

The Do’s & Dont’s : BaGua Mirrors made of Rubber, Plastic, Acrylic, Thermocoal or Hard Board or Paper Board should never be used. The best ones are BaGuas made of Wood or Metal. It should never, ever be used indoors. It should be hung over the main door, the back door, balcony and windows on the outside. If it can’t be placed exactly above the main door, then it can be positioned to the left or right of the main door, as high as possible. Do not place it above your flat’s main door if it is directly opposite to the main door of your opposite flat. The Nine Mirror Emperor Bagua might look simple but in reality is very sophisticated and powerful & should be used only after the mandatory and systematic activation. The standard Wooden Single Mirror BaGua / PaKua is also available in 4 different sizes : 5″, 6.5″, 8″ & 11″.

IMPORTANT NOTE : All the Remedies channeled by us are not only ENERGIZED (Energised, Empowered, Energy Infused, Energy Imbibed, Energy Instilled, Consecrated, Prana Prathishta), but also PROGRAMMED to the specific purpose & the specific user to derive the maximum possible positive results. Remedies only Energized will have a very short life & very little results. Remedies not even Energized will turn negative quickly and could even damage the user.

To know more about Why Remedies should be Energized (Energised, Empowered) and Programmed, click here.

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