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Qui Yong Coins : Character and Discipline

August 2nd, 2008 ·

Qui Yong Coins Energised and Programmed Qui Yong Coins are for Discipline, High Morals, Integrity, Good Character, Good Reputation & Protection for Students of all ages :

Qui Yong or Child of God is extremely auspicious to have. Many Feng Shui followers believe him to be the younger version of Laughing Buddha. He is extremely powerful and come in several forms : sometimes carrying an ingot, sometimes with a Ru-Yi (the ultimate magical weapon which grants wishes) and sometimes with a child companion. He is also depicted with one or more of the Chinese Power Animals. He has the power to grant your wishes and his very presence attracts wealth. He is said to ensure your sons and daughters rise in an unbroken line. He is the Ultimate Mentor and will encourage nobleness, wisdom and kindness. Ancient Chinese texts explains how the Qui Yong embodies good will, gentleness, justice & virtue. He is said to combine & possess all the good qualities there are. Ideal for persons who leave their home in pursuant of studies, career and risk bad influences. He brings about guidance, good character, discipline and reputation. Here he is seen riding in male form the Chimera to additionally bestow courage, motivation, strength and protection. Set of 3 Coins. Placement : Can be carried personally, or can be hung in your Tian Yi or North West of your home/study room or work place.

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