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Laughing Buddha riding Tiger : Insulation from Internal Office Politics, Win Competition & Prevent Back-Stabbing

May 14th, 2009 ·

Laughing Buddha riding TigerEnergized and Programmed Laughing Buddha riding Majestic Tiger :

The Feng Shui Laughing Buddha riding a Tiger is a rare icon indeed ! Armed with his infectious laughter alongwith the Tree of Life (symbolic of new jobs, new ventures / projects, new borns, new auspicious occasions, new purchases / buys, new assets), Peaches (Prosperity & Marriage Luck) and the Sacred Hoo-Loo or Wou-Lou Fruit (Health Luck) the Happy Man is mounted atop the Majestic Tiger (Strength, Power, Fearlessness and Protection). In Fengshui, the Tiger is very important as it’s stripes denote an auspicious mix of Yin and Yang Energies. This golden statue is a unique Fengshui Cure for all of those who have a compulsion to face difficult / tough situations, need to get aggressive or badly in need of a turnaround in Career / Profession / Life, stay insulated from Internal Office Politics and prevent Back-Stabbing. It is also an excellent Feng Shui Remedy for those business persons who are engaging stiff / ruthless competition or unethical business take-overs. Suitable for all years, but especially for 2010 : the Chinese Year of Geng Yin – the Yang White Metal Tiger (or Golden Tiger) from 14th February, 2010 to 2nd February, 2011.

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