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Yearly Predictions & Feng Shui Remedies for 2009 for Dog Zodiac Sign

January 12th, 2009 ·

Annual Forecast & Feng Shui Remedies for 2009 : Ji Chou, Yin Brown Earth Ox Year – for Dog Sign (as per Chinese Astrology Zodiac Animal Sign Horoscope) by Janarrdhana Guptha, Energy Consultant

If you were born in the Year of Dog (1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006) as per Chinese Astrology Horoscopes, know your Destiny in 2009 in your Career/Business, Health, Wealth, Harmony, Love and Studies. Be aware of your strengths and be warned of the negative energies that you may have to face, to plan your strategies well ahead. Get to know the Feng Shui Enhancers and Cures that can help you, too.

The Chinese Zodiac Astrology is ancient, interesting, accurate and loved by millions across the world. The Chinese Zodiac is based on cyclic concept of time : a cycle of 12 years, repeated again and again. The 12 Years are associated with 12 Celestial Animals : Rat (or Mouse on Mongoose), Ox (or Buffalo or Bull or Cow), Tiger, Rabbit (or Hare or Cat), Dragon, Snake (or Serpent), Horse, Goat (or Sheep or Ram or Lamb), Monkey, Rooster (or Hen or Cock or Chicken or Phoenix), Dog and Pig (or Boar or Hog). The animal names occasionally differ with the Oriental Country they originate. The Chinese Yearly Horoscopes are basically built around these 12 Animal Signs.

Your Chinese Astrological Zodiac Animal Sign is directly based on the Chinese Lunar Year of Birth that you were born. The Chinese New Year is mobile and could start anywhere between 21st January and 20th February, depending upon the year. If your Date of Birth falls into any of the following Chinese Lunar Years, then, because you are born in the Year of the Dog, you are symbolically identified by your Celestial Animal, the “Dog” :

From 10 Feb 1910 to 29 Jan 1911
From 28 Jan 1922 to 15 Feb 1923
From 14 Feb 1934 to 03 Feb 1935
From 02 Feb 1946 to 21 Jan 1947
From 18 Feb 1958 to 07 Feb 1959
From 06 Feb 1970 to 26 Jan 1971
From 25 Jan 1982 to 12 Feb 1983
From 10 Feb 1994 to 30 Jan 1995
From 29 Jan 2006 to 17 Feb 2007

In Chinese Hsia Calender, 2009 is the 4706th year and significantly, is also the sixth year of the New Feng Shui Land Luck Cyclic Period 8. The New Chinese Lunar Year is from 26th January 2009 to 13th February 2010.

Enjoy the Annual Forecasts and learn about the suggested Feng Shui Remedies that you may need for the coming New Chinese Lunar Year 2009 : Ji Chow, Year of Yin Brown Earth Ox (or Yin Brown Earth Bull or Yin Brown Earth Buffalo or Yin Brown Earth Cow) :


Demanding career luck. Get ready to shoulder more responsibilites and work more harder. Many blocks and challenges will confront you but will get minimised with good help from benefactors. Most of you will succeed in the end. The salaried will gain promotion and increment while those in business and practice will gain more opportunities, clients and profits. Bad interpersonal relationships haunt you throughout the year. Control your temper and watch your words – arguments and conflicts could even lead to isolation or legal action. Display the statue of Chung Kwei or Kuan Kung for guidance and protection.

Important : Your Celestial Animal Dog is directly on an punishment formation with the Year TaiSui of 2009 (Grand Duke Jupiter). Whether you are a salaried worker or self-employed or a house wife, you need to not only avoid the wrath but also pacify and get the blessings of the Tai Sui, to avoid permanent damages. For this display the genuine, energized photographs of “Fu Ming You, the 2009 TaiSui” and the “Protection Talisman for 2009” in the North East and carry their miniature versions in your pocket, purse or handbag, for personal safety. Avoid attending cremation rituals, burial ceremonies, funerals, wakes this year.

IMPORTANCE OF TAISUI : TaiSui or Tai Shui, a very important aspect of Chinese Astrology, is popularly known as the Grand Duke of Jupiter. It is an intangible energy body of war-like nature that should not be disturbed. The TaiSui or the Year Authority is a commanding post that has total control over that particular year. The Chinese Lunar Year Cycle has 60 years and so there are 60 TaiSui, with every year having a different TaiSui. For 2009, “Fu Ming You” or “Pang You” is the TaiSui and he is situated at North East. Do not install any moving objects like Fish Aquariums or Water Fountains in North East, this year. Do not dig, construct, renovate, redecorate or repair in North East this year. Do not drill or even drive a nail in the North East wall. Do not shift or relocate to North East, this year. Do not chop trees, if they are in the North East. Those of you belonging to the Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs Horoscopes (as per Chinese Zodiac) of Ox, Goat, Dog, Horse and Dragon are offending the 2009 TaiSui, in different formations. They should display the genuine, energized photographs of “Fu Ming You, the 2009 TaiSui” (or Pang You) and the “TaiSui Protection Talisman for 2009? in the North East and carry their miniature versions in their pocket or wallet, to minimize the negative impacts of the year. 


Good wealth luck. New avenues of cashflow open up. Curb your expenses and act wisely when you invest. Some of you will buy new property. Windfall luck is very poor, so avoid gambling and the share markets. If you stand guarantor for others, you might end up with legal problems. Do not flaunt your wealth. Chances of theft are quite high – display the statue of Golden Rhinoseros for protection.


Average health luck. Pressure of work and emotional disturbances will affect your health through digestive and blood circulation problems. Have timely and nutritional food. Avoid tobacco and alcohols. Stay hygiene. Have regular physical workouts. Yoga and meditation too will help. Be careful when you reach for high places or take the stairs, as chances of sprains and fractures exist. If need be, carry a set of 3 Sau Health Coins with you. Take good care of the health of your family elders too.


Medium romance luck. The efforts of the Singles to search for a good life partner will not yield much results. Try to boost your luck by installing the Prosperous Golden Wealth Couple riding Horse. The married will feel lonely and dejected, inspite of being with their spouse. This could partly be because of the gossips going around and also because of suspicions. Take some quality time off from your busy career and spend it with the family to clear any misunderstandings and be tolerant. Take some help by displaying the statues of the ideal cosmic couple : QuiYongs on Dragon and Phoenix.


Good study luck. Your marks and ranks will soar, with the help of friends and benefactors. Refrain from giving importance to relationships and do not get involved in the parents’ conflicts. Stay online with your academic work and reap the full benefits.

A NOTE ABOUT REMEDIES : The above analysis has suggested some remedies/cures for reducing the impact of negative energy and has recommended certain enhancers for increasing and improving upon the beneficial energy of the year. For the remedies/enhancers to be effective, they should be cleansed, energised, blessed and programmed not only for the particular individual/family but also for the specific purpose/problem. To know more about why Remedies should be Energised and Programmed, and whether Fengshui Goodluck Symbols Really Work ?, click here. They should also be placed in the indicated location, to derive the maximum benefit. Any or all of these remedies can be reused for the forthcoming new years, but they may have to be repositioned according to the specific new year.To buy genuine Energised and Programmed Remedies, mail to crystalvaastu@yahoo.com or crystalyantra@gmail.com or call 098422-40274.

AUTHOR BIO : Janarrdhana Guptha is an Energy Consultant, Fengshui & Vaastu Researcher, Crystal Master & Clairvoyant Karma Reader. His speciality is permanent Karma Energy Correction through custom-built Crystal Energy Fields. He also chanells Fengshui Enhancers and Cures, Non-Religious Sacred Geometry Yantras and other Remedies. His E-Mail : crystalvaastu@yahoo.com, crystalyantra@gmail.com. His websites : http://www.crystal-vaastu.com/home.htm; http://www.newage-kabbalah-numerology.com & http://www.fengshui-remedies.com and http://www.crystal-yantra.com.

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